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Small business owners that would like to get their business on the web with little start-up cost and minimum monthly cost you can have a basic* site like ours that we would manage for you. We do the monthly management of your website. You simply e-mail changes in text and or graphics you would like on your website. Having a website doesn't have to be expensive or a pain to manage and keep up. Below are the simple steps to get going.

1) A Domain name is the name you reserve for website such as this is

The cost fixed and set by various Domain registration companies such as or

It costs $35 to register a domain for the first time. They now have discounts if you pay for 4 to 5 years in advance to keep the name active as low as $12.50 a year.

2) You need a Web Host site that will have the server and hard drive space that will have the files that make your web page. This is where the files that make your website will be kept and updated. There used to be many web hosting companies that didn't even charge for the space in return you have ads on your site. They tried to get their money from advertisers that will have banners at the top of your web page. That didn't work very well and resulted in the Dot Com crash. There is reasonable cost web hosts out there though. We only charge $5 a month for a basic web site. (Charged at $60 once a year)

A basic site like the ones we have done so far have been done in 4 hours or less, so at $25 per hour a basic web site creation would only be $100

4) Monthly maintenance  of your website can vary*. If someone e-mails the changes ad there is a minimal amount of changes per month the cost can be as low as $10 per month. If there is a lot of data and changes the cost would go up from there.

*See Web Rates for more details

That's it, not too much to having a cost effective website. Many sites went crazy and bought all kind's of hardware and many software developers to create and maintain the sites costing so much money so many have gone belly up that they call it the dot com crash. The web was not the holy grail people were saying it would be. It is just another information tool for us to use. Use it wisely.


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* Once the basic site no longer meets your business needs we could assist in the hand off to a more powerful but higher cost web site management company such as Interland.Net.

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