Web Rates

Mission Statement:

To cut through all the red tape of starting, designing and maintaining a simple web site.

These sample rates are subject to change and customization. This is a guide to typical costs.

 Domain registration - You purchase your Doamin name directly from Internet Registrar, recommend Go Daddy, we will assist.

Cost is typically $15 per year with a minimum of two years.


 Main Web page designed and uploaded to domain site - $125 This includes standard graphics and scanning of photos at no extra charge. (Max of 4 pages)

 Web Hosting, Monthly updates and Maintenance - *$10 per month billed quarterly from mcowen.com. This includes 2 changes in one a month period. $5 extra for additional changes within one month added to quarterly invoice. *First month is free.

Changes are simply made by sending E-mail with the changes that you would like to be made.