Monkey Island Murder-Suicide


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DELAWARE COUNTY, Okla.) May 8 - Four people are dead after an apparent triple murder-suicide in Delaware County. It happened at a home on Monkey Island, on Grand Lake near Grove. FOX23 has learned that three people were found shot to death inside the home and a fourth in a car. Delaware County Sheriff's Officials say they got a call around three o’clock this afternoon to check on the welfare of an employee. When a deputy got to the house, he says he found three people dead inside and another person inside a car who also was dead. Deputies say all had gunshot wounds. They call it an apparent triple murder- suicide.

“It's horrible. With things going on in this country right now, desperate people do desperate things", said neighbor David McOwen. "A lot of it will be the shock from the community, having something like this happen, trying to deal with the understanding of why something like this could happen", said Delaware County Deputy Ronald Teel. Deputies aren't releasing the names of the victims yet. They say they have received calls to this home before, but they would talk about the nature of those calls.

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Four people are dead after a multiple murder suicide on Grand Lake. Delaware County Sheriffs believe a man killed three people then himself Tuesday on Monkey Island, a popular resort area on the lake. Officials were originally called out to the residence on a welfare check. They say someone reported an employee had not shown up to work to pick up a paycheck. When they arrived, no one answered the door and they spotted several bodies through a window. When deputies went inside they found three bodies with gunshot wounds, and a fourth victim was found outside in a car. Detectives do believe the shooter is one of the dead.

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Monkey Island - Detectives in Delaware County are on the scene of a triple murder-suicide. It happened Monday on Monkey Island, about sixty miles northeast of Tulsa.

Neighbors are very upset. They say they have never seen anything so gruesome and tragic. Inside the home, deputies found three bodies in the living room. All had been shot in the head.

The Delaware County Sheriff's Department got the call around three o'clock Tuesday afternoon. The caller asked for a welfare check because an employee had not shown up for work.

When deputies got to the house, they found three bodies inside the home and one outside in a car, also shot in the head.

Deputies are calling it a murder-suicide, but have not released any names, gender or even relationships. They say that's because the family has not been notified.

Neighbors say they can't believe such a tragedy happened here.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the Delaware County Sheriff's Department are investigating.