Brands Park Crime Wave 2010


Elston & Belmont Aves.


For the last month we have had car windows busted out nearly everyday all around the block.

The police have been able to do nothing.


5-14-10 6:30am the Urban Image business across the street caught the perpetrator on video.

Car was broken into this morning for the second time in a week.



5-13-10 4pm update - CBS interviewed the owner of Urban Imaging and they will have video for CBS on Monday.

CBS is running the story Monday.



Gone in 20 seconds


May 18, 2010 7:25 am US/Central


CBS 2 Chicago story by Pamela Jones


Break-Ins Plague Neighborhood

Neighbors Say It's Happened A Dozen time In Past Couple Of Weeks



Imagine this.


Youwork hard all day, then come back to your car to find the windows smashed. Neighbors near Elston and Francisco say it's happened more than a dozen times over the last couple of weeks.

A surveillance camera actually caught video of one of the crimes, and the burglar got away with was a GPS charger.

CBS 2'S Pamela Jones went to the neighborhood today to check it out.

Rick Chavez spotted the latest of several shattered car windows Monday morning. He covered it up with paper so that what's left inside wouldn't get ruined in the rain.

Chavez says a vandal broke the glass, then rummaged through electronics chargers and other stuff in the car. It's the type of crime Chavez says is happening more often now, and it just doesn't make sense.

Chavez runs the Urban Imaging print shop. Around 5:30 a.m. Friday, he says a surveillance camera pointed at his front door captured someone in dark clothes walking up to a parked car. The burglar looks around and seconds later punches in the window with one hand.

In the surveillance tape CBS 2 obtained, the suspect was inside the car for just 17 seconds before walking away.

Break in Video








Street sweeping resumed April 1st so every Wednesday the glass in the street is getting swept up but the sidewalks are loaded with glass in dozens of spots.