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David and Chloe on the road again

David an experienced Telecom and Computer Engineer

David has been into Electronics and Computers since High School. He has been on-line since 1983 long before the Internet became what it is now.  David's Resume Web Page

Here is a computer experience time-line.

Over the years of my adult life I have been very fortunate to have been involved with the latest in cutting edge technology jobs and the contributions I have been able to do. Here is a sample timeline:


1979 - Timex Sinclair 1000 computer kit

1982 - Assembly language TRS 80 Computer

1983 - First time on-line on Videotext service that became CompuServe, also got IBM XT PC

1988 - Selling IBM PS/2 Computers in Boca Raton Florida

1990 - Worked at Computer Game manufacturer and R&D

1994 - Engineer at Hayes Modems, on design team of Accura series

1995 - Was one of first to demonstrate working 56K

1997 - Last project at Hayes was we got Alcatel 1000 DSL unit working for Alcatel , demonstrated first working unit capable of 6 meg standard and better.

2000 to 2002 - Worked on new Switch Technology Installing GSM Ericsson switches for Bellsouth Mobility, now Cingular Wirelesss.

2004 - Contracted at a T- Mobile Switch Office installing Trueposition E-911 Location Finding equipment.

July 2005 - Sat in Switch Tech position after E911 project was completed in New Orleans

August 29, 2005 - Survived Hurricane Katrina - Helped keep T-Mobile on the air, only Switch to stay running after the storm.

February 2006 - Went to Denver for E911 Swap Project for Cingular, changed from Andrew to TruePosition.

January 2007 - Got opportunity to continue installing and testing (Accuracy Drive Tests) the Trueposition E911 system for many AT&T switches around the country from home. Had technicians calling from all over the country for 12 hrs a day until AT&T froze projects October just in time for the Holidays and I got laid off.




Music and Disc-Jockey time period 1975 to June 2004

David  was a pioneer in the mobile DJ industry. In New York in 1975, as a guitarist in his own Chicago style band called Park Avenue, found that between sets when the band stopped playing to take breaks and played a tape, the audience lost the upbeat mood established by the band prior to the break. He then plugged two 8-track players into his guitar amplifier and tailored the music to the audience. Although not getting much rest on those breaks, he soon found that the audience loved to hear the original songs played back to back in an "live mixed" way. Soon after assembling a state of the art console system he was firmly established as a mobile Disc Jockey.

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