PC Repair and Maintenance

We get just as angry if not more frustrated by our Computers going down than our Cars.

David has been a PC Mechanic since the invention of the IBM personal PC in 1983.

David will diagnose and repair your PC to the best of his ability based on well over 20 years experience.

Then after the PC is back up and running will put the best in Preventive Maintenance in place to help keep the PC from having problems in the future.

Complete PC system TuneUp

Running Hardware and Software Diagnostics.
Update virus software and check for viruses.
Remove unnecessary programs from running at startup (Increases system performance)
Check for and correct disk and directory errors.
De-fragment your hard dive for better performance.
Overall System evaluation.
A full Windows update to install the latest security patches
Security evaluation (Search for and delete spy-ware and install anti spyware software )
Install the latest Web browser Technology with pop up blocker.

Tune-up your system for peak performance


Our price
Geek Squad price (owned by Best Buy)
Complete PC system Tuneup $50 $200
Wireless Router Setup for 2 PC's $50 $159
Move of data from old PC to a new PC $100 $229
Virus and Spyware Removal $25 hr $159
Hard Drive Upgrade installation $80 $229
Memory Installation $25 $129


* Please note: prices above may vary by job
** Above services do not include hardware or software (unless it is a free program).

Prices are at your location. If I work on your PC at my home costs will be less.

Costs may be combined for lower cost. For example if I am doing a Complete PC Tuneup, price for Hard Drive Upgrade would be $40

E-mail me for quote or call at 918-257-1667