Race Parking at Speedway Post 500

Speedway Post 500 is conveniently located adjacent to Lot 2 and directly across Georgetown Road from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Our clubroom is open daily for meals, relaxation and entertainment prior to and after your day at the track. We strive to provide a secure parking environment that is attended by Post 500 personnel, but parking is ultimately at your own risk.

Our clubroom is open for breakfast on major race event days along with serving both lunch and dinner. Major race event days often feature entertainment within Post 500's clubroom - and all parking guests are invited to join.

Grand Prix of Indianapolis Weekend

  • RV Without Electricity $175 each
  • RV With Electricity $200 each
  • Weekend Car Parking $60 each
  • Additional RV Parking $25 per day

Indianapolis 500 Qualifications Weekend

  • RV Without Electricity $175
  • RV With Electricity $225
  • Extra Days $25 Per Day
  • Weekend Reserved Car Space $40

Indianapolis 500 Weekend

  • RV Without Electricity $300
  • RV With Electricity $400
  • Extra Days - Before Race Weekend $25 Per Day
  • Month Long RV Parking Up To 40' $775

Car Parking - Indianapolis 500 Weekend

  • Race Day Only $30
  • Race Weekend $60
  • Month Long Car Parking $100


Departure Will be Monday at 12 Noon

While you cannot purchase and reserve your race parking online, you can certainly start the process on our website.

Please note that your reservation is NOT final until you:

1. Complete a hard copy Reserve Parking Agreement
2. Render payment
3. Receive written confirmation of your reservation

Thank you for considering Speedway Post 500 for your race parking needs. Speedway Post 500 is available for overnight camping stays on non-race weekends as well. We look forward to hosting you.