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Update 11-2-2023: Have not been updating this site in a long time.

September 6 2023 was a dark day. I was one of the 5,000 laid off at T-Mobile.

Started working there in 2004 as a contractor and as a permanent employee in July 2010.

Proud of my work there as I helped build the connectivity that cell phones provide today.


October 9th 2023 yet another sad day, lost Socks. She was 17 years old.

debi brought her home from a Walmart in Oklahoma, a lady had kittens in a box and said her husband would throw any left in the lake if she came home with them. debi saw Socks, a Calico she always wanted and she surprised me with her that day.

She was very unique in that she liked her tail grabbed and do flips.


15th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

David was nearly killed in the storm

Very sad to hear of the passing of Kelly Preston, wife of John Travolta.

John and Kelly came in with his Boeing 737 to New Orleans Airport with Medical supplies.

The shots they provided kept David safe from many of the diseases in the aftermath of the storm while he continued to keep the T-Mobile Network up and running from the 7th floor of the Galleria building.

David met debi one month after the storm, left New Orleans and married in January 2006.

4-16-2023 - First time editing this web page in many years, Facebook has become the norm instead of web pages.

Sadly I lost debi July 5th 2021 to the Pfizer shot. 4 days after getting the shot her lungs began to fail.

We had the most wonderful 15 years together and robbed of more by a heinous man made drug.


Fine Art and Murals by debi

debi McOwen

Touched by Color

Touched by Color specializes in interior painting and mural designs.

David McOwen - Telecom, Computers and Engineering Professional





March 18th 2020 David took both the Technician and General Amateur Radio Tests and passed.

Was a 48 year gap since being on the air in the 1970's.



Links to other Web sites

Phone Companies didn't allow DSL Modem sales in the U.S. In Jan 2003 David started this website and 6 months later Retailers like CompUSA, Best Buy etc pressured the Phone Companies to allow DSL Modem sales because David was selling them.

The site still works although David has not seen a penny of profit since Jan 2005. The site is now for sale.

Dave's Web Blogging

November 26th 2001 - I downloaded and installed Web Blogger by Noah Grey that is independent code that is 100% self contained on the Web Host Server of your website so it does not require external help or website to post your web blog entries.

If you are comfortable with a little bit of programming and basic Unix commands this is a more sophisticated way to web blog. I will probably use this one since I did get it running which is practically the hardest part and most likely will remain a free way to webblog where the other technology that helps you out may go a cost or subscriber based business model to fund and run the external website.

Y2k crash

It had nothing to do with computers though See pictures here Y2K Crash 

This crash was just one of many reasons we left old subdivision in Gwinnett. In 2004 David and Donna went separate ways.

Prayers to those that have lost their lives on September 11, 2001

We fear no evil, we stand together, we are united. 
The only important race is the human race and that is the race in jeopardy.  - David McOwen

Personal note - During my High School Years I watched the Twin Towers constructed as I lived just east of the city out on Long Island, lets get those Towers rebuilt ASAP! I also think they should be built at 109 Floors instead of the original 110 because the 110th Floors and all those who were there Sept 11th 2001 will be there forever in Spirit.........

Oh, and now after seeing the Light Memorial, add these lights to the top of the new 109 Story Towers permanently as well.

Edit: A nice touch that the design of the Tower will be 1,776 feet, the date of the U.S. Independence and the new tallest building in the world. To be completed by Sept 11, 2006.

Rolling 9-11 Memorial


Video - Remember Me by Lizze Palmer

Video - The Way It Should Be

Sept 11 Song - "I still See" by Kevin Fortin, commercial photographer

Copyrighted Song listed by permission - kevin's website "I Still See" here.


Now that we all know we live in an age of warrantless wiretapping, an old online friend wrote the song below:

Who's Watching You Copyrighted by Harvey

Illegal Takeover of America - Pics & Video Denver May 1st 2006